Training for Photographers "Social Aspects of HIV and AIDS in photograph"

26 July 2010

10 young photographers from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan took part in a training "Social Aspects of HIV and AIDS in photograph”, held in Almaty from 12 to 15 July 2010.

The training was organized by the UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty and the World Media Group / MDA Group. All photographers have passed a serious competition for participation in this training, giving their photos on social issues and letter of interest.

The need for quality coverage of HIV in photographs is primarily connected with the rapid spread of the epidemic in all Central Asian countries, particularly among youth and lack of photos covering the topic of HIV and AIDS. Photographers often are not interested in covering this issue, since they do not have either any information about HIV and AIDS or addresses of organizations working on HIV prevention; neither they know what nor whom exactly they might shoot. Many of them are afraid to touch this delicate subject.

The training was focused on motivating photographers in covering the social aspects of HIV and AIDS, improving their skills to create images and providing specific practical advices from experts. The participants had an opportunity to acquaint with activities of nongovernmental organizations, including a community of people living with HIV, which contribute significantly to preventing the spread of HIV in Kazakhstan. Participants from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan had the opportunity to get contacts of organizations working on HIV and AIDS in their own countries.

During the training, each participant created a number of photographs highlighting various aspects of HIV and AIDS, which were discussed in a focus group of people living with HIV.

According to participants of the training: “the topic of HIV and AIDS in the pictures is very timely. I’ve got a desire to create new materials on the subject", "Training was very interesting and helped me to better understand what photographic materials must be created”.

By the end of September 2010 all participants will send their photos to the UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty and the World Media Group / MDA Group. The best photographs will be presented at a photo exhibition devoted to the World AIDS Day, December 2010 in Almaty.

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