IV Art Academy of UNESCO Clubs

1 July 2019

16-26 June 2019 UNESCO Almaty participated in the UNESCO IV Art Academy devoted to the Year of Youth, finalists of the competition from the across the country demonstrated their artistic performance, as outcome of the academy educational program in Almaty.

Competition organized by the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs, the First President Foundation of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy, supported by Chevron Company, this project brought together 50 talented young people from 12-18 years old across the country.

Gala-concert ©Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs

UNESCO has been working with youth to empower young women and men to drive social innovation and change. It is well recognized that youth are not just beneficiaries of the work, but also essential actors in finding solutions to the issues faced by young people in the world today. As such, UNESCO Youth Programme works to create an enabling environment in which the goals can be achieved, by bring together youth voices to the fore and encourage them to come together to take action.

Gala-concert ©Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs

The Art Academy of UNESCO Clubs is a unique platform for young people in Kazakhstan, which offers the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills in all fields of education from leading experts and masterminds in the country. Launched in 2016, the project is now an annual event organized by the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs and the First President Foundation of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy. The Academy aims to develop and support talented young people in Kazakhstan and educate them in a spirit of tolerance that shapes the future of a country with creative and scientific potential. The project will provide opportunities for gifted children and young people from all over Kazakhstan, regardless of their social status, providing them free access to UNESCO's advanced courses in culture, science and education, and the opportunity to discover and improve their creativity and scientific potential.

Gala-concert ©Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs

In order to improve the level of youth education and comprehensive development, also support the talented young generation of Kazakhstan through the implementation of educational innovations that will shape the future of national creativity. Today, in the Year of Youth, 50 finalists of the IV Art Academy of UNESCO Clubs from across the country have adopted a unique educational program. This 10-day innovation project is dedicated to celebrating the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs, as well as the promotion of Ruhani Zhangyru program.

"Science Slam" competition ©Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs

With the purpose of raising young people’s voices in making more change happen in Kazakhstan, the organizers of the project also launched a new nomination - Research and Project Activities in addition to traditional art this year. Specifically, the 10- day innovative educational program was built in following directions: research and project activities, communication skills and speech skills, fine arts, music and art, vocal and performing arts. The competition part of the project covered more than 2000 of the most motivated and gifted children and young teens from 14 regions and provinces of our vast country. The competent jury that selected 50 of the most talented children in six nominations for participation in the Academy.

Choreography class ©Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs

Painting class ©Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs

Specifically, the students of the Academy participated in an intense educational and cultural curriculum that took into account the interests of each participant. In order to find the best instructors and speakers, a lot of work have done by using innovative techniques in teaching and lectures. The program has also been diversified in a way that students can gain valuable knowledge through special practical lectures on STEM Education, various master classes, a series of training on leadership skills in the 21st century, tolerance, and the formation of global citizenship from guest teachers of leading universities across the country.

Robot Technique Class ©Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs

Robots Competition ©Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs

The project provides an important opportunity for young people to realize their full potential by receiving guidance and mentoring. To encourage, motivate and provide opportunities for youth, the UNESCO Almaty Office has been committed to knowledge sharing and the promotion of peer learning among young people to increase their participation in society. With regard to this effort, these young people in Art Academy project have increased their awareness and role in peacebuilding and have strengthened their capacity building to lead more sustainable initiatives.

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