2020 Youth Tolerance Talks

10 November 2020

Please register for Youth Tolerance Talks before 14 November 2020.

In our today's unstable reality, it is important to maintain respect and care for each other in order to build our future, where people go to the process in a safe and peaceful way. Every year, an inclusive approach and tolerance in everything is gaining scale and this cannot but rejoice.

Globalization has positively influenced the building of international and intercultural dialogue and establishing contacts between people from different parts of the world. This contributes to the fact that people get to know each other with their own vision and learn about other cultures and worldviews from the first persons. This is challenging and long path, however today the youth are striding towards it.

Young woman, Ms. Ayaulym Sarybaeva from Kazakhstan established the LingoBridge project that became a youth-led safe space with opportunities for young people from different parts of the world and various backgrounds to share their thoughts, cultures and ideas of shaping better future with each other, and at the same time to improve their language skills.

This year UNESCO and LingoBridge team celebrate the International Day for Tolerance by organizing the Youth Tolerance Talks to unite young people from all continents to promote diversity of cultures, free expresson, intercultural dialogue and key principles of tolerance and human rights to build more peaceful, fair and inclusive societies.

We invited young speakers from Asia, Africa, America, Europe to discuss with young participants such an important topic as abroad experience, multicultural communication and share their thoughts and ideas about cultures.

Please meet our speakers:

1. Henry Karukuru (Papua New Guinea)
2. Yongjian Si (USA)
3. Nawel Reunif (Martinique France)
4. Kimberly Chiseche Makukula (Zambia)
5. Diego Delgado (Colombia)
6. Annie Luz Prez Parra (Colombia)
7. Camila Garcia Artiles (Guatemala)


Monday, 16 November at 6 pm Nur-Sultan time

What is the format?

Zoom meeting

What is the language of our meeting?

English, with simultaneous interpretation in Russian

For your note: Let us tell you about the chronology and history of Tolerance Day. On November 16, 1995, UN members adopted Declaration of Principles on Tolerance. This document first of all confirms that tolerance is respect and awareness of the entire scale of our world, the diversity of cultures and views. Moreover, this document confirms that tolerance is not just the duty of a global citizen, but also a legal need. In order to achieve peace and a just future, we need to cultivate a sense of tolerance, respect for the opinions of other views, religions, cultures. In this case, such different people will be united by one dream of a just and future. In order to develop tolerance, the UN adheres to the process of deepening mutual understanding between cultures and peoples.

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